TRU Investigations is a leading investigative agency specialising in a wide range of investigative services, with a particular emphasis on locating debtors around the world and assisting with asset recovery. With a dedicated team of experienced investigators and a global network of contacts, TRU Investigations is equipped to tackle complex cases involving international debt recovery.

Locating Debtors Worldwide:

TRU Investigations understands the challenges faced by individuals, businesses, and organisations when attempting to locate debtors who have fled to different countries. These debtors may have intentionally evaded their financial obligations, making it difficult to trace their whereabouts. TRU Investigations leverages its expertise, resources, and global network to track down debtors across international borders, helping clients recover their outstanding debts.

International Asset Recovery:

In addition to locating debtors, TRU Investigations specialises in international asset recovery. Debtors who have defaulted on their financial obligations often attempt to conceal their assets or transfer them to offshore accounts, making the recovery process even more complex. TRU Investigations employs a meticulous and strategic approach to identify and trace these hidden assets. Our team collaborates with international legal experts, financial institutions, debt collectors and law enforcement agencies to ensure a successful asset recovery process for our clients.

Global Network and Resources:

TRU Investigations has developed an extensive global network of contacts and resources over the years, enabling them to access critical information and support in various jurisdictions. We work closely with trusted partners, including international investigators, attorneys, and financial experts, who possess in-depth knowledge of local laws, regulations, and practices. This network allows TRU Investigations to overcome jurisdictional barriers and navigate the complexities involved in locating debtors and recovering assets around the world.

Expertise and Methodology:

TRU Investigations employs a comprehensive and tailored methodology to locate debtors and recover assets internationally. Our team conducts thorough investigations, which may include background checks, financial analysis, surveillance, and interviews with relevant parties. We utilise advanced technology and open-source intelligence to gather crucial information and trace the debtor’s activities. TRU Investigations is skilled at analysing complex financial transactions and following the money trail to uncover hidden assets and facilitate their recovery.

Confidentiality and Legal Compliance:

TRU Investigations prioritises client confidentiality and operates within the boundaries of legal and ethical standards. We ensure that all investigations and asset recovery processes adhere to local and international laws, respecting the privacy rights of all parties involved. Our team maintains strict confidentiality throughout the entire investigative process, protecting the interests and reputations of our clients.


TRU Investigations is a reputable investigative agency with a strong emphasis on locating debtors around the world and facilitating international asset recovery. With our global expertise, extensive network, and meticulous investigative approach, we assist clients in recovering outstanding debts and uncovering hidden assets. TRU Investigations operates with the utmost professionalism, confidentiality, and adherence to legal compliance, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients in complex and challenging situations involving international debt recovery.